This Kikyo Cosplay pictures is so nostalgic, been a long time since last time watched Inuyasa anime, inuyasha is a quit popullar among anime lovers with acient Japanese themes anime, including me, a little reminder ... Kikyo is one of the character who holds main key of the Inuyasha story, because she is the past of kagome (the main female character of the series).

who ever imagined a Miko (shrine maidens) can be this cute, no wonder if a Half Youkai  (Half Demon) InuYasha fell in love with her, in the begining of story Kikyo having a romance with Inuyasha despite the fact that they are different but they still decided to love each other and to live normal together, but everything ended when Naraku tricks them both into betraying each other.

That a Sad Story, but hey ... the good news is, Inuyasha ressurected accidentally by Kagome (Kikyo Reincarnation), as well as Kikyo that was Resurrected by the demon ogress Urasue, and you could see how she look like after resurrected in this Kikyo Cosplay picture, i really love the spirite effect on the last Kikyo Cosplay pictures, somehow its so pretty and looks like a real one in anime.

well ... about the cosplayer on this Kikyo Cosplay photography ... she is Summer, previously she also looks very cute in her Nami Cosplay picture that i've posted before, the first impression when the first time i saw this picture is Summer seems to mature as Kikyo (whos care anyway :) ), even hardcore fans of her will not mind see Kikyo who grow up.

One more thing that makes me love this Kikyo Cosplay picture is that she looks so awesome with that Yumi (Japanese traditional Bow) moreover The background have given a strong impression to convey Kikyo feeling and nature. it's a great Kikyo Cosplay by Summer.


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