I just found this Nami Cosplay picture this morning, long wavy orange hair and that light blue bikini shows that this is Nami after a two year time skip cosplay photography, the cosplayer behind this sweet cosplay photography is ATO (well not sure about her real name) for two year time skip nami learn about the weather at weather sience island as a resulting she can mastering weather and can create a more frightening lightning.

After two years of separation Nami is the third mugiwara crew who came to the sabody island after franky, Personally i love nami with Long wavy hair like in this Nami Cosplay pictures since with that long hair she looks more mature and more like a girl now day, but i also missed her with her short hair, do you think which one is better? sweet long wavy hair or a cute short hair like in this Nami Cosplay Pictures? well thats all up to your taste.

Well ... it looks like nami seen being happy today, as far as I know Nami's Best friend is Money (Belly) but this is the first time seeing her infatuated with U.S. dollars ^^, she would become very rich if that is inside the suitcase is USD.

Sweety Great Nami Cosplay photography by ATO .