Seriously i have found and saw sooOOO many awesome Yuna Cosplay Photography around the world, but only this time i got stunned when seeing it, how can I believe that Yuna is actually alive in the real world!?? it's just too awesome, the cosplayer behind this jaw dropping Yuna Cosplay photography is Mei Wai, I know there is a touch of something like photoshop effects here but nevertheless Mei Wai is completely fits as Yuna from Final Fantasy X series, it's like I see the 3D version of Yuna from Final Fantasy games.

Her eyes, her cute lips, her cosplay costume and even her body posture is perfectly fits as Real Yuna in the game. would be really cool if I could see Mei Wai walking arround or dancing with her Yuna Cosplay Costume ... I'm sure i would be mistaken Mei with real Shibata Yuna, well ... if one day there will be made Final Fantasy live action version I voted May Wai to take role as Yuna, I just wish I could see more of Yuna Cosplay photography by her.

For those who don't know who it is Yuna, here some information from FF Wiki " Yuna is the deuteragonist of Final Fantasy X and the main protagonist of its sequel, Final Fantasy X-2. She is the daughter of High Summoner Braska and an unnamed Al Bhed woman" in both version of Final Fantasy Yuna has a different profession, on Final Fantasy X she Becomes a summoner just like her father, while in Final Fantasy X-2 she Become sphere hunters on a personal quest to uncover the mystery behind a movie sphere.

in terms of appearance ... She wears clothes that look like clothes kimono with open shoulder, I'm not sure what the name of her clothes that she wears but let's just call it a kimono, because that yellow patterned Obi with a Chōchō musubi knot and a decorative Obidome to clinch the cords + Two separate kimono-like sleeves is really something Kimono like, and yeah she looks so pretty with that cloth .

Well ... That's it. in the first and second Perfect Yuna Cosplay picture Mei wearing costume from Final Fantasy X that previously i was talked about, while in the last Perfect Shibata Yuna Cosplay picture she wore dressphere Songstress from Final Fantasy X-2, when seen Yuna wear that Songstress dressphere it's always remind me of Final Fantasy's popular posters featuring Yuna and Lenne holding hand in romance light. they both looks so pretty in there.

For a comparison of how perfect and how similar this Perfect Shibata Yuna Cosplay pictures with the original character in game/movie version, i add some pictures of Yuna and Lenne, and please express your opinion by commenting below :).


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