Misa Amane character comes from the anime and manga called Death Note, she's secondary main antagonist of the story, Death Note anime is a mystery anime that full of intrigue between Kira who raised him self as a god (Light Yagami) by a genius who thinks realistically named L , he said what Kira did which kill criminals without trial was no different from mere killer, Death Note anime is very popular that why I'm sure you've at least heard of the Death Note anime name.

An outline of the story in this anime/manga is very simple, it looks like a game with simple rules, Kira must uncover the true identity of L and L must uncover the identity of Kira, and when one identity is revealed then that moment he will be out of the game, in this case L has to die when Kira found out about L 's real name (L Lawliet), well ... in fact in this story filled with confusing intrigue if you are a fan of detective stories with a loot of mystery you will fall in love with Death Note anime.

Well ... let's go back to this Misa Amane Cosplay Cosplay pictures, Misa Amane is the second Kira, let's say there are two people who owned Death Note, Light Yagami as Kira and Misa Amane as the second Kira, despite her cuteness and her occupation as an idol girl Misa didn't mind to kill someone if asked by Light Yagami.

The cosplayer behind this Misa Amane Cosplay photography is a sweet Taiwanese cosplayer, her name is Hiko, although she looks a little too mature as a Misa but her cuteness alone is enough to represent Misa Amane as an idol girl. in the first two Misa Amane Cosplay pictures Hiko look more cheerful with a white background.

While in the next picture black background with a dark touch of lighting has sown the dark side of a Misa Amane, beside that lit candles also has added more sense of mystery and strengthen Misa Amane's gothich style. well ... i love this Misa Amane Cosplay photography by Hiko and I know you also like it... to see more of her cosplay photograph you better check Hiko Name tag .


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