I just found some great Nami Cosplay pictures that have changed my mind, I had no plans to post for today, but after seeing some of these cosplay pictures it changed my mind, we got three cosplay pictures from diferent cosplayer,  first one is adorable Nami Cosplay picture with natural thin make-up, another one is cosplay pictures of Nami when she wearing a little girl cloth from One Piece Z movie and the other one is nami by my favorite taiwan cosplayers Hiko.

On the first Nami Cosplay picture, she has a wavy orange hair that enough to show that this is Nami after a two-year time skip, but somehow there was something different from her, i think she looks innocent and adorable without using a lot of makeup here, she just naturaly look beautiful, besides her sweet smile and seductive eyes she also has beautiful hair (i wonder if it's not a wig). sadly i do not know whos the cosplayer name so lemme know if you know something about her.

in the second pictures, a red shirt with a red loose helmet and also a little touch of samurai armor in her cosplay costume, I would not mistaken this one is Nami from One Piece Z anime movie, Nami wore it when she turns into a little girl after the fight with Ain (one of the main antagonist in the story), Ain ate the Modo Modo no Mi, a Paramecia - class Devil Fruit which can turn back the age of anything, well ... the Cosplayer looks cute with that Nami Cosplay Costume, i wonder actually how tall she was ^^.

Last but not least, we get no lest cute Nami Cosplay Picture, not too clear but I'm pretty sure that the cosplayer behind that pictures is Hiko, a sweet taiwan cosplayers who turn any anime character into a real life version, here you can ... find more of her Cosplay pictures.


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