Blade & Soul Online Game is one of the games that occupy the top gaming charts in Korea and china, especially in korea, Blade & Soul Tells the story of your quest for vengeance and redemption against a backdrop of Asian fantasy. Gameplay features prominently inspired martial arts combat combined with Qing Gong "light body" movement, I can say Blade & Soul Online Game is a blend of MMOAction games like Vindictus with tradition MMO game with open world map, i call it an action because every skills in each class looks impressive with the comlicated martial art movement ^^.

After the success in Korean NCSoft bringing Blade & Soul Online game to try their luck in China and I think they were successful enough to make china gamers impressed, and after a long wait western gamers soon enough can feel this game is in their PCs, although there has been not official notification yet but there's rumors that NCSoft will take Blade & Soul Online Game to the west this year (2014), despite the fact that many western players already have played Blade & Soul Chinese.

Well ... let me introduct you to the cute korean girls behind this Blade & Soul Cosplay Photography, her name is Minai Meisi ... uh... wait I think it would be better if she introduced herself, this is an excerpt interview with Minai Meisi (

Q : Could you introduce yourself ?
A : Hello , I am a Force Master of Level 17 in Blade & Soul ( KR ) Qunji Yihe server . My name is Minai Meisi . Is it too simple ?

Q : Why do you choose to play Blade & Soul ?
A : I fell in love with this game when the authority released the teaser . I felt surprised at the visual effects and each profession 's splendid skills. I found every skill was awesome .

Q : It is said that you are a professional Coser . What do you think of Blade & Soul ?
A : The outfits in the game are unique and beautiful . And Lyn are pretty adorable .

Q : Why do you cosplay Pohwaran ?
A : Because Pohwaran is charming . And I prefer the female roles with weapons . Pohwaran is cute . Though being a powerful boss , she is also a hot girl .

Q : How long did it take to make the Pohwaran costume ?
A : it took me about 2 months . During that period , many of my friends at school came to help me when they were free .

Q : Will you cosplay another role in Blade & Soul ? If yes , the which role will you choose ?
A : There are lots of pretty roles , Thus it's hard to find the one that suits me . I have to think it over and make a decision later .

From the interview above you can already imagine where you could meet with Meisi Minai, just go to Blade & Soul (KR) Qunji Yihe server. and hope you meet with Minai, don't forget your t-shirt with her picture for an autograph. about what character she cosplayer in this Great Blade & Soul Cosplay pictures, Minai cosplaying as one of many trouble some raid bosses, the character name is Pohwaran, Despite that she is very strong with her Minigun, but her actual secret weapon is her cuteness (how can you hit such a cute girl like her ?).

At the first time i saw this Blade & Soul Cosplay picture, I'm really curious from where her strength comes from, how can a cute little girl like Minai Meisi can lift that super-giant minigun like that, definitely she really need a lot effort to lift that and what would happen if she actually fired that badass Minigun. I've included the original Pohwaran picture and you can see how similar this Blade & Soul Cosplay pictures with the original one.


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