Here she come, my favorite female character from the King of Fighter Video Game series, I like this character not because of her "boing - boing" stuff, but because her combo is easier than other character so i can perform her special ability not too hard, however yea her "boing - boing Momb" is also Become her main attraction, I guess 80 % male gamer who like mei because of these factors.

Well ... it's been several time I've posted some great Mei Shiranui Cosplay photography in this MyAnimeGirls  blog, you can see one of Mei Shiranui Cosplay here, and we got this sweet May Shiranui Cosplay photography by japanese cosplayer, if I'm not mistaken the cosplayer name Izumi is, though upon seeing this Cosplay picture I feel something is missing, but her pose, her costume and even her hair is completely looks like a real May Shiranui from the Game.

I think the fan she brought also look a bit different from what i ever know, it looks too small, i mean, is she really can hurt Ryuu with that cute fan? I don't think so XD. though this cosplay pictures has made me want to play my King of Fighter Video Game again.

there is also Maid cosplay pictures besides May Shiranui, I 'm curious what event she attended that time, and ... Pink Pantsu detected ! ~ just enjoy the show.


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