Every time I see this character in the anime To Aru Majutsu No Index, Misaka Mikoto always remind me of cool characters from the anime titled Get Backers, Amano Ginji or commonly referred to as Reitei, since they have same power to generate and control electricity (or even lightning) I always thought they were a long- separated siblingas because their parents was divorced, in Get Backers anime Reitei's Anger can trigger lightning that stuck his enemy as well as Misaka Mikoto, when she gets angry she can cause a thunder storm that causes citywide blackouts, by the way wich one is worst?.

       Talking about their similarities, in terms of how they fight and ability they have almost the same technique, as Reitei utilizing his metal belt to fuse his electric power and use it as a lightning whip, while Misaka Mikoto manipulate iron particles into a chain-sword whip or she also can shoot metal projectiles such as coins destructive at high speeds, who would have thought that cute girl in the Mikoto Misaka Cosplay picture can be dangerous if you take her as your enemy.

     This is one of the most One beautiful and most alive Mikoto Misaka Cosplay pictures I've ever seen, when looking at this cosplay picture I like seeing the first day of spring after a harsh winter slowly fade out, I'm not sure it's the right metaphor tho :D, but one certainly thing from this cosplay pictures is Gekota was managed to draw Mikoto Misaka with another colors, a very calm and warm Misaka that makes you want to hug her (I don't need your approval XD) I guess Gekota strength here is her smile and pretty eyes.

Although I don't know what Mikoto Misaka relationship with that green frog (is she have a frog in anime?), or it is a mascot frog of Gekota? since Geko mean Frog right!? Well, whatever...its great Misaka Mikoto Cosplay photography, unfortunately this time I only found only one cosplay picture but one day I will post more pictures of Gekota in this blog for sure!


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