Now we got such a beautiful Sona Cosplay photography by my favorites moe cosplayers, Misa, I was just playing league of legends some time ago, and I really like this MOBA game style except for the part when someone called me a Noob (well... everybody know I was a noob xD) although I'm not very good in the League of Legends game but i should be admired this game gives a lot of convenience for beginners like, simply League of Legends game is easy to learn but hard to master.

Sona - The Maven of the Strings is my second favorite character after Ahri the nine tail fox, the reason why Ahri is above Sona that because Ahri wearing a red dress. Lady in red has always get the first position in my hearts :D, Sona is one of the champions who not only have a fair skill in the game, but also has a tempting appearance to be played by the player, somehow her blue hair always reminds me to Hatsune Miku.

before you say that this is the most perfect Sona Cosplay Photography you better see this Sona cosplay by Eki holic and Miyuko, do you think which one is better? This is my personal Opinion, Eki did the most perfect Sona Cosplay photography for me, when viewed it in terms of body posture and their cosplay costume is very hard to compare to decide which better since all of them did so awesome cosplay (they got a very great detiled Cosplay costume), but in the form of face and expression Eki is perfectly fit to Sona in my mind.

Well ... let's talk about this Sona Cosplay pictures, it's the most Lovely Sona Cosplay photo I've ever seen, Sona has completely lost her firmly side here (That's because of Misa's Moe power) . i really love the details on her cosplay, right materials choice on her costume makes it similar to the real Sona's costume from the game.


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