Sentai has really brought cosplay to a new level, I mean is this Girls und Panzer Cosplay sponsored by the Sentai Filmworks, I don't think sentai would go so far as to enliven the Los Angeles Anime Expo, It's a mobile replica of a Panzer III, made by Panzerfabrik in the U.S. and brought in from Colorado, I also heard that they were making a replica of the Panzer IV driven by Miho Nishizumi and her A team.

Well although this is not the Panzer IV but it really is super cool and is similar enough to the anime Pz.IV version, ow ... sorry, sorry I did not explain what this anime is ... Well this is Cosplay of Girls und Panzer Anime, if you love Moe, Kawaii girl and Almighty Panzer you better rush to watch this anime, you 're gonna love it to die. not just that in this anime you also can see the tanks drifting in style just like what you can see in Tokyo Drift (not that much tho).

What I regret is ... who 's that girls? XD I don't know what character they cosplaying, I don't find Miho Nishizumi, Saori Takebe, Yukari Akiyama, Hana Isuzu or even a hard sleepy girl Reizei Mako, the online right thing here is their uniforms, they actually did great in bringing tanks but tasted bland without the original crew in the anime.

the cosplayer in that Girls und Panzer Cosplay pictures are LT3 cosplay team, they look great with that Pz.III up but again, actually who they're playing right there? and if you want to know what Miho Nishizumi Cosplay and her friend look like, you can see them in Girls und Panzer Cosplay pictures below.

They're all looks great aren't they!? Mou is the cosplayer behind Miho Nishizumi Cosplay but so far I don't know the name of the other Cosplayers who cosplayed as Darjeeling, Kay and Katyusha.


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