This bloodthirsty School girl is Busujima Saeko from High School of the Dead anime, if you have not watched the anime yet...I suggested watch it! you can enjoy the bloody storyline with a  little touch of echi (it's echi anime afterall XD). At the beginning and throughout the series, Saeko is shown to be a kind, caring, strong and very reliable person, say it she is the strongest fighter among survivors group.

Dispite her highly feminine appearance while wearing aprons (i love her that way :D), she is very skilled in close combat fighting, beside that she looks very much enjoyed dancing under blood rain which she caused while slaughtering zombies, meanwhile She discovered a sadistic side to herself that enjoyed inflicting pain and Suffering that makes her afraid of herself, I think her sadistic side and how cool she is when she fight with katana clearly illustrated in this Saeko Busujima Cosplay pictures.

Saeko 's first appearance in the anime is when she helped School nurse Shizuka Marikawa, when Shizuka cornered and nearly bitten by zombies  Saeko slashing zombie's head from behind with her Bokken (japanese Wooden Sword), after joined with other survivors Saeko Busujima is the one who most reliable, with the kendo skills that she mastered, she can kill many zombies with ease.

This Saeko Busujima Cosplay pictures can represents the overall Busujima Saeko nature and characteristic, Beautiful scene with city soft lighting represent soft side of Saeko Busujima while in other Saeko Busujima Cosplay pictures the bloody effect has represented the other side of Saeko Busujima as deadly girl, somehow I think that zombies hands only aiming to Saeko's chest XD. well ... it's great Saeko Busujima Cosplay by Ayatouch .


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