Asuna Yuuki looks like the perfect girl from outside, but in fact she did not feel really live confinement her parents demanded her to be always perfect with high expectations, Asuna Yuuki felt did not live up till when she was trapped inside Sword Art Online VRMMO Games and met the main character of the story, Kirito, Kirito teaches Asuna that life should be enjoyed even if only for a moment.

Well ... behind her elegant appearance and harmless, Asuna earn her title as «The Flash» (闪光, Senko?) For performing as astounding attack as fast as light. even when she stuck in Sword Art Online are her first experiences with playing games but it does not take long until she was getting use of it, she can beat a raid boss in her first battle teamed with Kirito, she already kill the boss before she even can learn how to see someone name.

Over time Asuna become vice chairman of the Blood Knights of the Guild, one of the strongest guild in Sword Art Online Game with reputation of fastest floor conqueror. since the first time i saw Asuna character, her orange-brownish chestnut hair and hazel eyes have attracted my attention since it reminds me to my favorite character from another anime, about her cosplay costume in this Suna Yuuki Cosplay picture that costume is uniform from the Knight of the Blood Guild, she wear a red and white uniform that all members KoB wear and she wields a ligh blue rapier made ​​by Lisbeth.

Well ... I just found this rendomly three Asuna Yuuki Cosplay photo from the internet and somehow I immediately wanted to share it in this MyAnimeGirls Blog, I think her hair factor has attracted me to love this Asuna Cosplay verymuch, somehow the cosplayer face look very similar to for me though if we pay attention to the Cosplay costume detail and wig they wear it is clear they are three different cosplayers, but sadly I did not know any of their names.

In the firstAsuna Yuuki Cosplay pictures and the second one, they uses a solid material to make their breastplate armor just like commonly used by Cosplayers to make their armor costume, but in third pictres, the cosplayer using a regular supple fabric to make her fancy - breastplate, although they're using different material but their armor still look's as cool as a real one, using different stuff and technique in cosplay will not hurt to try right!?, so which one you think is better, the first, second or the third one :).

Talking about the most I love about this three Asuna Yuuki Cosplay picture, her hair in the first picture looks very natural and suits very well with the cosplayers, and the cosplay costume in the second cosplay pictures seems more detailed than other pictures, and for the photoshot moment. I guess .. no doubt, the third picture was looks more vivid and dramatic that other pictures, I love her hair moments that were swung by the wind.

Well That's it ... enjoy this Asuna Yuuki cosplay photo, if you know something about the cosplayer name please let me know by leaving your comment below.


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