Who never heard Super Sonico name!? she is a super kawaii mascot girls belonging to game software company Nitroplus, not just as a corporate mascot girl but Super Ninico also quite popular for starring in many media franchise spanning various music products, manga, computer and video games, and an anime television series by White Fox, how popular she is? I think with so many cosplayer who cosplaying as Super Sonico is more than enough evidence to show this cute girl's with headphones popularity.

Besides her signature headphones that is never taked off from her head, Super Sonico also have other traits that most trademark that can be removed as well, Various different artists choose to depict her in their own specific style ... but there are some things that definitely exist in every of their work... her headphones, her Pink hair color and ofacourse her large bust :P, as you can see in this Hot Super Soniko Cosplay picture, although Kisakiurumi wearing gothick lolita maid costume but you still can see her headphones, pink hair and also that large ... UhukK.

This is not his first time Kisakiurumi cosplaying as Super Sonico, from this you can find another Super Sonico Cosplay picture that I have posted before, since she wears a maid cosplay costume here I guess that plate tray and also creamy drink which she brought can complement this picture, moreover that red syrup toped with creammy~Gummybear, strawberries and candy hearts is really looks so yummy and tempting ... which part of this Cosplay pictures that is the most yummy and you want to eat first? somehow i really want a melon now!.


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