Stuck in Virtual Reality MMO Games is not a good news, unless you meet a pretty girl as Asuna Yuuki and married her when back into the real world, Asuna Yuuki was born from a wealthy family but because of her parent high setandar she didn't enjoy her life at all, it can be said she found her real life in the world Sword Art Online Game after met with Kirito.

Dispite her cute and powerless appearance Asuna is Sub leader of the Strongest Guild in Sword Art Online Game, which is different from Kirito as Beta Tester who have advanced, the first time you she stuck in a game Asuna Yuuki really a newbe and know nothing about Game, but at her first fighting she already shows her high potential, she can kill monsters at an incredible rate and level up in a quick fashion , even risking her life in the process.

Well ... I feel this picture is very special because Hisoka Tsuzuki (the cosplayer) has brought Asuna Yuuki Cosplay that looks very mature and adorable with her swimsuit (or undies?) I just hope she does not swim in the sea without wearing Swim Caps, because hair her beauty would be a problem ^^, another thing that i love from this Swimsuit Asuna Cosplay cosplay pictures  is none other than the lighting that gives a soft touch to the picture.

I hope there is no door there , oh ... hey Hisoka can you open the door wider? it's blocking my view ! <3~


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