This Fan girl of Pocki and sweet foods is Karuta Roromiya one of the assigned SS Agent for Kagerou Inu X Boku Shoukiin from SS anime series, Dispite her appearance that looks like a cute little girl and she Appears to be "zoned out" most of the time, she's actually very clever, and a little dangerous.

Who would have thought a cute girl in this Karuta Roromiya Cosplay picture can be turned into Gashadokuro (Large Skeleton) in her youkai form, but who cares with her creepy ​​youkai form if you can see Kanda Laam with maid Karuta Roromiya Cosplay Costume here, a little advice from me, if you planing to atract her, you better try to give her a sweet food ... with sweet food her Tamed rate is over 90% XD.


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