Need to go to a very far far away place? have a ship but could not determine direction without a GPS? or don't know how to use the compas? I suggest you to recruit The Great Navigator Girl Nami from One Piece Anime to be your navigator, as navigator Nami are mastering and can predict the weather 100 % accurate and she will take you wherever you want to go. even though the sky island.

At the beginning of the story in the One Piece Anime/Manga Nami start her debut as the Pirates Thief, she stole many stuff from pirates to be able to redeem her hometown from Arlong hand, Arlong Arch is one of my favorite Arch in One Piece Anime, Psst .... I almost cry when nami tear her hand (arlong tatto) with a knife, and finally i cried out when Nami finally asking for help to Luffy XD, the episode was really heartbreaking.

It's sweet Nami Cosplay with Arabian dance outfit by Summer, no doubt this is Nami Cosplay photography from Alabasta Arch The First Straw Hats crew adventure in the Grand Line, Summer does looks super kawaii with that dance outfit I just wish I could see her when she was wearing it, well . .. there is also Princess VIVI cosplay here but sadly i still don't know the cosplayer name behind it . and the ocean view was also very pretty I think they 're still waiting Going Merry to pick them up.


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