Got bored with Hatsune Miku? after seeing this Miku Cosplay picture I'm sure Hatsune Miku's Attract point to you will be boosted, and you will fall in her hands one more time ^^", all Vocaloid fans (especially Miku fans) would have been familiar with Hatsune Miku with her cute outfit, but in this Hatsune Miku Cosplay picture I think she looks a little different, I mean is Kanda Laam has brought Hatsune Miku look more naughty with that pose and outfit. Lucky Lollipop :V.

It clearly that Kanda Laam was wearing Devil-Miku cosplay costume, that devil tails have added more point to the Naugty side of Hatsune Miku here, somehow her naughty poses was reminded me of the Succubus Cosplay photography from Vindictus Online Game, they exude same devilist naugty aura :D.

one little thing that I regret ... why none of her poses that exposing her overall Cosplay costume, I 'm really curious as to how exactly her costume look like, this is the first time I was very curious about the overall shape of the cosplay costume worn by cosplayers XD,'s a sweet little nughty Hatsune Miku Cosplay by Kanda Laam, enjoy it :) visit her worldCosplay page to support her and see more of her cosplay photography.


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