Misa 've turn into utterly Cute Kuroneko Cosplay here, yea that girl name is Kuroneko (Ruri Gokou) Kuroneko was her nickname in the otaku community, for gamers like me Kuroneko is the ideal girl since she can accompany you to watch anime and play game, but maybe you will be stressed when playing games with her​​, Ruri is very skillful when it comes to gaming, being Able to defeat the staff member at the Summer Comiket with relative ease, so do not cry if she beat you in game with closed eyes.

Usually Ruri 's choice of fashion is predominantly gothic lolita, and is always dressed in a frilly white top with a black bolero worn over it . it looks like her gothic lolita style is not visible in this Kuroneko Cosplay picture, Misa wearing a short white dress with gorgeous summer hat that matches the garden background, the most interesting thing for me is her black hair that looks very contrast with her ​​dress and hat, though it's just a wig but still it looks very pretty.

In Anime/Manga Ruri Often acts According to the character as she poses (ie, Queen of Nightmare) : snobbish and overly confident of her own aptitude, don't be surprised if she has a different habit each time you meet her. well ... its super pretty and kawaii Kuroneko Cosplay by Misa, you can find more of Kuroneko Cosplay photography by clicking the tag under this post.


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