Another Sweet Kisshou Cosplay photography by Azusa Nagisa, before further I suggest you look Kisshou cosplay photography By Nagisa that I've previously posted, in previous Cosplay pictures Azusa Nagisa come up with original Kisshou cosplay costume, a black leather outfit with a pair of red angel wings on her back, existing scar at her body looks very cool and convincing.

whereas in this Kisshou Cosplay pictures Azusa Nagisa looks more casual and feminine with that white dress and miniskirt, while her hair still looks as impressive as in her previous Cosplay picture, shine in style :D. moreover that scattered feather gives a deeper impression on this Sweet Kisshou Cosplay picture, I guess thats all the real feather so it's really need effort to get the timing right, although I think it is not supported by their poses .

Well if you do not know,..Kisshou is one of the important characters in Zone-00 anime series, in whole story Kisshou always comes up with cute appearance and a very gentle nature that can make you fall in love with her​​, she was super cute that you want to squeez her to death . but before you ask her to be your girlfriend so let me tell you that Kisshou is a man.


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