Now we have a very cool Pokemon Cosplay by sweet Cosplayer girl, that girl in this Pokemon Cosplay pictures cosplaying as the main female character from Pokemon Black & White game,  you can give her name as you wish at the begining of the game and another cosplayer girl is cosplaying as male character.

Seriusly Pokemon Black & White 2 is the best DS Games Ever, i need almost two week to complete the game without walkthough XD, well another think i want to say is the cosplayers on this Pokemon Cosplay photo is soo perfect, especially for her hair that looks very natural and just like a real one, except her makeup that looks a little too much everything is perfect.

I love this Pokemon cosplay photography but sadly i do not know who's the Cosplayer name behind this Pokemon cosplay pictures, so...if you know something about the cosplayers please lemme know and leave a comment below. ~~ oh yea...that Snivy is cute.


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