They are Satsuki Kitaoji, Aya Toujou, Tsukasa Nishino and Yui Minamito (left to right), the four of them are sweet girls from Ichigo 100% anime that fall in love with the main character in the story, Junpei Manaka, ... I really hate that Guy! XD how come he can be that lucky, he just need to chose one of four that Cutes girls in this Ichigo 100% Cosplay pictures.

I only know one of the cosplayer name behind this sweet Ichigo 100% Cosplay pictures, Mio is the cosplayers who responsible on making Nishino Tsukasa Cosplay looks perfect here. actually I've posted some of her Nishino Tsukasa Cosplay pictures before, shes perfect as Tsukasa just check there if you want to see how perfect Mio as Tsukasa Nishino.


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