Woooot I'm very busy these days, almost no time for post.. but better late than never :D, now is 31th December night you would have been looking forward to see fireworks dancing on your head at New Year eve (I'm really lucky I can see new year fireworks from balcony of my house) and poor you who missed the New Year alone at home XD~ to entertain you who spend time alone in home I had this Sweet Chinese Cosplay girls who want to say Happy New Year to you.

She looks very sweet with that red umbrella and Cheongsam (a traditional Chinese dress), I almost thought she was an angel who fell to earth to celebrate the new year 2014 night with us...wait...what~ I think I posted the wrong Cosplay Picture here (what relation between Cheongsam with New Year 2014?? XD), now i am sure this is Cosplay pictures are for Chinese New Year session, but at least this picture are also for the new year :D.

Well the cosplayers in the first and second cosplay pictures was reminds me to Angie (She's Sweet malaysian cosplayer)...or maybe she's actually Angie, since her cute lips isn't forgotten ^^, I don't know who's the other two girls but certainly they are all very adorable, regardless of the cosplayers that is already cute here, this picture has also been taken and a touched with a very tempting effect i simply love the blur effect that made ​​the cosplayer looks even more beautiful in the first pictures.

BTW~.... Nice Pantsu!!! "( °٢° ) *nose bleed*


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