Its been a long time since the last time i watch Soul Eater Anime, it's so nostalgic when i saw this stunning Medusa Gorgon Cosplay by Diriagoly, beside the lighting that makes Cosplay picture look very dramatic, Diriagoly body flexibility is also very cool here, well i don't think she is real flexible but obviously she was looks very awesome with that pose.

If I remember correctly, Medusa Gorgon is the first and most active main antagonist in Soul Eater Anime Series, i Often got anoyed by her evil action, and in this Medusa Gorgon Cosplay picture Diriagoly (Cosplayer) have pulled out the evil side of the medusa with very convincing, even i can see evil in her eyes and Smile (:O I know she was planning something Bad). Love it!~


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