Fans of Tokusatsu Kamen Rider Den-O would have been familiar with this character, she is Hana a Singularity Point and the first Den-Liner passenger Ryotaro Nogami meth from Den-O Kamen Rider movie series, In Movie hana character played by Yuriko Shiratori, i can say this Hana Character is already attached to her, but what do you think about this Hana Cosplay by Hiko?

My personal opinion, Hiko is not less Kawaii than Yuriko Shiratori, beside that her Hana Cosplay costume seems really suit her and that was made very similar to the clothes worn by hana in the movie version, moreover she got a pretty hair (i don't think that was a wig) well ... to put it simple, Hiko looks perfectly on this Kawaii Hana Cosplay pictures and i love how that Cosplay Costume suits her very much.


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