Aries is a female Celestial spirit which resembles a young girl with pink hair, she wearing a based on a Wool-Like style cloth that looks very fluffy and cute on her, In the Fairy Tail Anime Episode 69 after Hearfilia Lucy defeating Angel of Oracion Seis, Aries, along with Scorpio and Gemini, seek out Lucy and form contracts with her.

Its sweet Aries Fairy Tail Cosplay by Azusa Nagisa, her pink hair with black-brown eyes and a pair of twisted horns on her head seems close enough to Aries in Fairy Tail anime, but her shy expression Become the best part of this Aries Fairy Tail Cosplay photo, you can compare this Aries Cosplay with this Aries Cosplay photo by Miya, they both looks super kawaii.


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