Finally I found another Satsuki Kitaoji Cosplay picture, I was freaking happy when i found this Cosplay picture, i don't think eventually I could find cosplay pictures as good as my favorite satsuki picture, what I mean is this Satsuki Kitaoji Cosplay Pictures (see there and compare which one is better ), if in the previous picture I can say only one word "PERFECT " because in addition the cosplayer look pretty but she also looks a bit grumpy with a sweet sharp eye, in short she really fits with the character and nature of Satsuki Kitaoji, whereas in this picture though not too perfect but ALime can pull out Satsuki feminine side.

Satsuki Kitaoji is one of four girl in Ichigo 100 % Anime/Manga who falls in love with Manaka Junpei, different from other girls, Satsuki has nature that little "Brutal" in funny way like when she threw Manaka 's New Camera (dream Camera) to river because he incidently holding her chest when they fell off a cliff (I still laugh when I remember it), other than that she was also very straight about her feelings toward Manaka, she was the only girl who confess her love to Manaka although it rejected, poor Satsuki T.T.

Well ... like I said before Alime have pulled out the feminine side of Satsuki Kitaoji Character, slightly different from the original is not always bad isn't it !?  Let just Say Satsuki tottaly cute with her face expression in this Cosplay picture, and one more thing...I love her hair , it doesn't look like a wig (or maybe it is not a wig) although her Cosplay slightly different from the Manga/Anime version, but that haircut suits her very much here.


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