Today i got two cross dresser (or whatever it say), first i got Yukimura Sanada cosplay photo by Deicn911 and another one is Near Cosplay from Death Note by Zusaki, like i said Deicn911 is pretty girl who wanna become handsome guy ^^", and yea that what happened on this  Yukimura Sanada cosplay  photo by her, i play this game long time a go and i really love this game, there is anime adaptation too, yukimura using weapon like trident spear (i dont know what that weapon name), hes move pretty cool, but my favorites character is Masamune Date, i prefer Katana than a spear :D, till now i really want to know whos her real name and never get a clue =.=" she always manage to transform herself into handsome guy, like on this  Yukimura Sanada cosplay  photo, she really can show us Yukimura Sanada,

Sengoku Basara Cosplay by Deicn911  Gallery

I love Deicn911 pose on this cosplay photo (she got move just like a real yukimura sanada), i love the background set, and the photogrpahy effect on this  Yukimura Sanada Cosplay  photo, i just wondering how she hide her big breast XD, and is that abs is photoshop works or she wearing real stuff like a cloth!? whatever it is, she has managed to make the body of Yukimura Sanada (she just need more tall ^^ i think) there is Masamune Date cosplay too, they both really did great on their cosplay costume, especially for the masamune costume, that was awesome with great detailed, love those six katana :D, sorry for not including the coser name of Masamune here, because i dont know who he is (i think hes a man) well i got this  Yukimura Sanada Cosplay  photo from Deicn911 WorldCosplay page, its stunning Yukimura Sanada cosplay .


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