Today i got two cute coser from two different country :D, first i got Neneko Cosplay photo as Haruka Amami character from The IDOLM@STER and Hayase Ayato cosplaying as Sena Kashiwazaki from Boku wa tomodachi ga sakunai, before we see cosplay photo of Asae lets enjoy this Neneko Cosplay photo first :D, i dont remmember how many time i post Neneko Cosplay photo but i never get bored to see her cosplay ^^ cos she always bring us great and lovely cosplay photo, last time i post Neneko Cosplay as yui hirasawa character from K-On that look like not a professional cosplay photo but still nice to see her as Yui.

Neneko Cosplay Photo : Haruka Amami  Gallery

Well can said Neneko look perfect as Haruka Amami not sure why but she looks different with Haruka Amami, Neneko seem has similar face with Kipi, i mean neneko has kawaii type face as Kipi (oh yea,...i kinda miss Kipi XD been long time not post her cosplay photo) that why she always looks fits as cute character like this one, well i got this Neneko Cosplay photo from her WorldCosplay page, actually im not post all of Neneko Cosplay photo as Haruka Amami here, you can find the rest of this Cosplay photo on Neneko's Facebook page, just visit there when you have a time, or just wait till i post the rest Neneko Cosplay photo on this MyAnimeGirls blog XD, well its sweet Neneko Cosplay photo.

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