This time i got cosplay photo by Deicn911 as character from my former favorites manga (yang former XD) this is Naruto Cosplay photo by Deicn911, i never know that Deicn911 like naruto till i saw this Naruto Cosplay photo by her, Deicn911 always cosing as One Piece character and she more often cosing as male character than female character, but although she cosing as male character she always manage to make that character alive, look at those Yukimura Sanada Cosplay photo she was manage to make that yukimura cosplay looks awesome.

Naruto Cosplay Photo by Deicn911  Gallery

As well with this Naruto Cosplay photo by Deicn911, when i saw the first Naruto Cosplay photo, Deicn911 cosing as naruto from the begining of naruto series, look at that fail bunshin XD i remember this scene when naruto traying to learn Kage Bunshin that was epic fail, on this Naruto Cosplay photo i think Deicn911 seems too mature as Naruto (her body posture looks to big as little naruto ), but i really like her pose on this Naruto Cosplay photo, kage bunshin fail pose, her pose with kunai and shuriken, bite the scroll pose (that like manga cover ^^) and love her expression when she just notice her pocket already empty :D all her pose can show naruto personality, but the most i love from this Naruto Cosplay and thing that always impress me on every Deicn911 cosplay is the way she can hide her big breast XD where is that gone Lol, well i got this Naruto Cosplay photo from her WorldCosplay page.


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