Today i got another Tomoko Cosplay photo, if you dont remmember whos tomoko is, you can go to this link :D. this time on this Full Metal Alchemist Cosplay Photo she cosplaying as Olivier Mira Armstrong, since i dont know much about this anime lets find out and take some information about Olivier Mira Armstrong from wikipedia XD, she is the older sister of Alex Louis Armstrong, Unlike her brother, Olivier distrusts everyone when she first meets them, and has no patience for formalities or idle conversation. She is also, similarly, a firm believer in survival of the fittest, well thats its, and i believe Tomoko did great on this Full Metal Alchemist, actually my favorites Olivier Cosplay is by Tasha. 

Full Metal Alchemist Cosplay by Tomoko Gallery

Well Tomoko always look great on every her cosplay photo and so far my favorites Tomoko's Cosplay is her Boa Hancock cosplay photo, that was really nice and sweet One Piece Cosplay of Boa Hancock, although i dont know how fits Tomoko as Olivier but i really love this Full Metal Alchemist Cosplay photo, love her expression, she look so serious and acording from what i read i think tomoko fits enough as Olivier characteristic ^^, well the most i love from this Full Metal Alchemist Cosplay is the ice effect, i think that just photo effect but thats really cool (really love the color contrast on the first picture), well i got this Full Metal Alchemist Cosplay photo by Tomoko from her worldCosplay page, sweet tomoko Cosplay.


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