Shoot is the coser behind Undercover Misa Amane Cosplay photo that I posted earlier, you can find that Death Note Cosplay here, and this time she cosing as casual misa amane with original Misa Amane clotes, but there is a difference between this Death Note Cosplay photo by shoot and the others, this cosplay photo was taken in a crowd of people (not coser), not sure, but this image looks like taken on an old railway station which is still active, whatever is that place, I really like this Death Note Cosplay photo, Shoot looks really enjoyed her role in the middle of busy people with their activities ^^.

Death Note Cosplay : Misa Amane by SHoot  Gallery

I think I can guess what people were thinking when they saw SHoot wearing different clotes with them :D, look at the third Death Note Cosplay photo ~almost all people looking at Shoot XD but it is no wonder why they did that, I think shoot has become the center of attention there, well i love this Death Note Cosplay photo, I can imagine Misa with her innocent nature, write the name of someone she wanted to kill the Death Note in the middle of a crowd of people (she even looks very serious thought to the name of the person she to write XD), well shoot really did great to make Misa Amane come to alive here, i got this Death Note Cosplay photo by Shoot from her worldCosplay page, again i really love it. 


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