Do you fans of Naruto anime!? than you will love this Naruto Cosplay photo, usually i just looking for Naruto Cosplay and when i found a good one, i will post that on this blog, but yesterdays when i was looking for good Naruto Cosplay photo i found cosplay photo of Naruto's Mother, Kushina Uzumaki, i dont know hows fits Mimi as Kushina Uzumaki in this Naruto Cosplay, since i just see kushina uzumaki one time when naruto fight with Pain and kyubi almost fully revived (and that was mature Kushina).

Naruto Cosplay : Kushina Uzumaki Gallery

Well i think in this Naruto Cosplay photo Mimi has manage to make teenage Kushina Uzumaki, oh yeah, Mimi is the coser behind this sweet Kushina Uzumaki Cosplay photo, and there are other cosplayer who cosplaying as Minato Namikaze, but unfortunately i dont know whos his name, sorry for not including his name here, they both look great on this Naruto Cosplay photo, that was remind me with my high school romance xD when i see them together, well i got this Naruto Cosplay photo by Mimi from her worldCosplay page.


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