Still remember the last Mai Shiranui Cosplay Photo that I posted here, this time i got League of Legends Cosplay Photo by same cosplayer as the coser behind that shiranui cosplay photo, her name is Denka, i think her name already known in cosplay world, she did many great cosplay photo, as well with this League of Legends Cosplay Photo by Denka, although this is not a professional photography but she still look great on this League of Legends Cosplay ^^, well i think she cosplaying as Ahri in some Cosplay Event or something like that, because there is another cosplayer too here :D.

League of Legends Cosplay by Denka Gallery

I dont Think Denka look fits as Ahri in this League of Legends Cosplay, i mean she has made very pretty and hawt Ahri but she look different with Ahri image and characteristic that i had ever imagine, not sure why but maybe because she's too smiley here ^^" (jk), well She look so pretty and cute as always and her tail that look so fluffy XD i really want to hug that lol, there is another awesome Cosplay too on this League of Legends Cosplay, i dont know whos the coser behind that SnakeGirls (i dont know whats that character name XD so feel free to tell me whos that char name but i know that is character from League of Legends) Thats stunning League of Legends Cosplay with great detailed costume (thats look like a real one) beside that her makeup and her eyes are awesome XD. ummm and her expression too lil scared but impressive :D, well i got this League of Legends Cosplay Photo by Denka from her facebook page. 


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