Yesterday when i got free time, i got bored because nothing i can do XD and then i found my favorites fighting game, King of Fighter 96', its been long time ia m not play that game and till now Mai Shiranui is still my favorites character on that game, the cosplayer behind this sweet Mai Shiranui Cosplay photo is Nevan, Nevan is sweet chinese Cosplayer, and in this Mai Shiranui Cosplay photo she was manage to make pretty Mai Shiranui from King of Fighter the maximum Impact, but i think shes not fits as Mai Shiranui i had imagine.

Mai Shiranui Cosplay by Nevan Gallery

Not sure why but i think in this Mai Shiranui Cosplay photo Nevan look too young as mai, beside that her face characteristic seem not fits with Mai Personality, and another thing that made this Mai Shiranui Cosplay different from real mai shiranui is Nevan's body posture ^^...ummm thats different with mai, well not fit dont mean she is bad on this Mai Shiranui Cosplay photo, i really love this Mai Shiranui Cosplay photo because Nevan has made very pretty mai shiranui she even look more sweet and cuter that a real Mai Shiranui, beside that her Mai Shiranui Cosplay costume (Maximum Impact) has been made well and close enough with the real one, dont know why but she look like a final fantashy (advance children) character here XD. well i got this Mai Shiranui Cosplay Photo by Nevan from her worldCOsplay page.

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