Thanks to Revamp for making so many great Cosplay photography, revamp is the studio behind some of Denka and Cool's Cosplay photo, they always did well on every their works, as well on this Stunning Guilty Crown Cosplay Photo, in this Cosplay photo she cosplaying as the main female protagonist character from Guilty Crown Anime series, her name is Inori Yuzuha, I never following this anime but i watch some of this anime episode, i think this is good anime i like the drawing style of this anime.

Stunning Guilty Crown Cosplay by Cool Gallery

Well i think Cool has brought her emotions into this Guilty Crown Cosplay photo, i mean she look so alive with her expression on this Guilty Crown Cosplay photo (enjoying the role always work to make cosplay more alive), especially at the first Cosplay photo, she got inocent expression combining with cute face that makes me wanna uggghhh...get her XD, and about her Cosplay costume...she looks perfect on it, the cosplay costume look like a real one, beside that she look so smexy with that cosplay costume ^^ no comment about the photography aspect on it, its perfect, well i got this Stunning Guilty Crown Cosplay by cool from her worldCosplay page, its sweet Cool Cosplay photo as Inori Yuzuha.


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