I always post cosplay photo from girls cosplayer but since i have plan to post the best cosplay photo from every anime so lets forget about this blog tittle for a while xD, today i'll post Fairy Tail Cosplay photo by male cosplayer, on this Fairy Tail Cosplay photo i got cosplay photo of Gildart and this is probably one of the best Fairy Tail Cosplay photo of Gildart i have ever seen, actually i always imagine all anime character has asian face XD well i think thats wrong, because many character on the anime has background from europe and other, as well with this Gildarts character.

Fairy Tail Cosplay Photo : Gildarts Gallery

Although fairy tail anime take a fictional place, but i always imagine gildarts look like on this Fairy Tail Cosplay photo, i say this is one of the best gildarts cosplay photo because Elffi got similar characteristic as gildart, beside that his face seem fits enough as gildart (though i think gildart not that serious XD) well i this is gildart when he is in serious mode, another thing that makes this Fairy Tail Cosplay photo is one of the best is his cosplay costume has been made with great detailed and its really look like Gildarts costume on the anime ~i think its need more dirty xD, the scar on his body make this Fairy Tail Cosplay photo look more awesome :D, well i got this Fairy Tail Cosplay photo from Elffi's worldCosplay page.


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