I've posted Death Note Cosplay photo by Misa before and now i got another Misa Amane Cosplay photo from another sweet taiwan coser, her name is ~i dont know :D, but her name on WorldCosplay page is SHoot as well on her blog, so lets call her SHoot ^^', not like Death Note Cosplay photo by Misa, on this misa amane cosplay photo SHoot cosing as Misa Amane when she was undercover, i think there is some chapter on manga when misa wearing a wig, tick glasses, and school uniform when L doing investigation to Misa, but im not sure since i watch this anime long time ago.

Death Note Cosplay by SHoot Gallery

Personaly i love to see misa with short hair she looks more cute than when shes on Gothic style, but Misa is Misa, that gothic style looks perfectly fits with Misa Amane personality and characteristic, when i saw this Death Note Cosplay photo by SHoot, that glasses and uniform remind me to my favorites character on Ichigo 100% anime, Toujou Aya, actually when i saw this cosplay photo for the first time i think this is was Aya cosplay photo but but I realize this is Misa Amane Cosplay photo because her DeathNote, well i love this Death Note Cosplay photo she has made very pretty and simple Misa Amane, i got this Death Note Cosplay photo from her blog, blog.yam.com/shoot75321, visit there when you got a time. 


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