Aira Cosplay Sheryl Nome on Green Casual cloth (i dont know i can call that as casual cloth or no :D), well i got confused to what should i give this post title, because i dont know how manytime i post her cosplay photo as Sheryl Nome character (Sheryl Nome getting popular among cosplay in the world) even my friend cosplaying as her though she dont know and never watch Macross Frontier anime =.=" she said she just love the cosplay costume, this time Aira seems different on her Sheryl Nome Cosplay photo, why? because in this Aira Cosplay she just wearing casual cloth this time, as long i know Aira always wearing complex sheryl nome cosplay costume with high detailed and on some of her cosplay photo she wearing vary risky hawt cosplay costume (no lie as a guy i love to see that XD), i think Sheryl Nome will looks like this in her free time and just enjoying her day at home, though i dont really like Sheryl Nome and dont know much about her, but i am sure that Aira look really fits as Sheryl Nome character.

Aira Cosplay Sheryl Nome Green Casual Gallery

I dont know why but i prefer this Aira Cosplay photo than her previous cosplay photo with her hawt cosplay costume, with this green casual cloth Aira looks very pretty and more humanoid (i mean she looks like a real aeria :D) i think with her beauty she can represent Sheryl Nome as pop idol from Macross Galaxy, Sheryl Nome is a popular and beautiful pop idol from Macross galaxy, leading people to say that it was impossible not to hear her songs if you lived in this galaxy and Due to her beauty and singing talent, she is a very proud and self-assured person. well Aira looks pretty with her pink hair on this Aira Cosplay photo, beside that she got sweet smile just like Saya and when i see Aira i always remember with Saya, i think i gonna post Saya's cosplay photo next time, i got this Aira Cosplay Photo from


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