There is so many great League of Legends Cosplay on the internet but there is only several cosplay photo that made me really enjoying that (i mean impress me ~and made me stuned for few sec xD) thats really happened when i saw this League of Legends Cosplay for the first time, i got one of the best League of Legends Cosplay photo ever now, the cosplayer really has did great, impressive cosplay photo here everything has been set well, the Cosplayer has pretty face though i think she need more fiercing face, that would made her even more fits as Miss Fortune (her real name is Sarah Fortune), the cosplay costume ~nothing i can said that really awesome cosplay costume, look at her duo big Cannon ball ~i mean cannon gun, thats really great and looks very deadly.

League of Legends Cosplay : Miss Fortune Gallery

Beside that the background of this League of Legends Cosplay photo can really represent the classical era, with luxury touch i think that can represent Miss Fortune as richy Bounty Hunter, she got nice big pirates hat (well i think everything looks big here xD) i love that, beside that that really nice red ribbon under her breast that looks red, shining and soft ^^, that made her even more hawter, well i got this League of Legends Cosplay photo from, and again, i got awesome Cosplay Photo but i dont know whos the Cosplayer name is xD i'll tag it as Unknown Coser, as always feel free to leave comment and tell me information about this League of Legends ^^", thank you xD!.

Edited : thanks to Ko Ra for letting me know, The Cosplayer name is Wang Hui Xin (Xiao Xin) .


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