Im getting draged into Neneko Cosplay Charming magic lately, i almost post her cosplay photo everyday on this blog (at least two day once) she did great and looks so cute on her previous cosplay photo but this time on this Neneko Cosplay photo she did awesome and uber cute Sena Kashiwazaki cosplay, actually my favorites Sena cosplay is by Asae Ayato (i really loves that cosplay photo) but after saw this Neneko Cosplay photo i think Asae Ayato got a rival ^^", but Asae Ayato is my favorites Sena Coser. 

Neneko Cosplay : Sena Kashiwazaki Gallery


Well i dont want to judge this Neneko Cosplay but you can compare this Sena Kashiwazaki cosplay photo by Neneko with Asae Ayato's one, and its would be nice if you write what do you think about when you comparing the two Sena Kashiwazaki Cosplay are ^^. well on this Neneko Cosplay photo she has made very cute Sena Kashiwazaki but i think she looks different with Sena's personality, beside that i think Asae Ayato has made Sena character more alive on her Cosplay photo, so, now i still prefer Asae Ayato as Sena Kashiwazaki, well i got this sweet Neneko Cosplay Photo as Sena Kashiwazaki from her facebook page, its kawaii Sena Kashiwazaki Cosplay photo.


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