Its awesome cosplay photo by Misa, yea i think almost all of her cosplay photography are awesome ^^ i always love to see her expression and she always looks different on every different character she playing, as well on this Misa Cosplay as Yoko Littner, if she looks cute when she cosplaying as Annie character from League of Legends, or she looks so smexy when she cosing as Ahri character, this time on this Yoko Littner Cosplay she still looks cute but she got more calm expression, well her body posture seems not fits enough with Yoko Littner character which i've ever imagine, but thats not a big matter, since she got more plus point from her pose, expression and the photography aspect its self ^^.

Misa Cosplay : Yoko Littner Gallery

I love her expression, yea she looks so calm and charming, and her pose can really represent Yoko Littner especially i love her pose on the first and the second picture, in the second photo she looks like being aiming someone and ready to shoot her pry, well they also did great on the first Misa Cosplay photo, she looks awesome with that sunset background, thats looks so dramatic, not just that her cosplay costume has been made well too that close enough with Yoko Littner real costume on the anime, i got this Misa Cosplay Photo from her WorldCosplay page, visit there if you wanna see her another Misa Cosplay photo.


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