Here i got awesome One Piece Cosplay ~Shichibukai special edition, not like usual, I always post a picture of one person this time i got shichibukai member cosplay photo from three different coser, Boa hancock and perona by Deicn911, Dracule Mihawk by Usako, and one special coser she is one of the famous japanese idol group AKB48 member (actually i dont know what difference between Idol Group with Girls Band xD), her name is Miku Tanabe :D, i dont think Miku Tanabe is professional on cosplay world but she has made sweet Boa Hancock, i think she did good enough on this One Piece Cosplay photo ^^ (although she said it was tough to cosing big boobs characters XD) and the photo seem so messed with photoshop laso cut =.=" ~cant find better version of this One Piece Cosplay.

One Piece Cosplay : Shichibukai Cosplay Gallery

Another Boa Hancock cosplay by one of  my favorites coser Deicn911, as always she always did great on every her One Piece Cosplay photo, this time its make Boa Hancock Dream come true, she is married to Luffy or maybe its just another Boa Hancock daydream xD, and shes also cosing as perona, well perona is not shichibukai but its great perona cosplay photo so i decide to post that here, she has made very pretty perona with great detail on her cosplay costume, and at the first One Piece Cosplay photo there is shichibukai member (Mihawk and Crocodile) and thee marine admiral, Kizaru, akainu and Aokiji, and Kizaru cosplay photo is my favorites photo on this One Piece Cosplay, he really did great to make Kizaru face XD its awesome to see someone can did face expression like real Kizaru, but its so pity i can found all the cosplayer name on that photo, well i got that all One Piece Cosplay photo randomly from internet so sorry for not including the source of this cosplay photo ^^.


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