Aira Cosplay as Code Geass Character Anya Alstreim, another sweet Aira Cosplay photo as character from code geass anime, i never watch anime or read Code geass manga but i was planing to read that for long time ago but everytime i go to books store i always forgot to buy that manga (and too lazy to read that online XD thats will hurt my eyes lol) my friend recommend this manga to me, he said this manga has nice story but who know i like it or no before i read this by myself, well on this Aira Cosplay photo my dear Aira cosing as one of the Knight of Six, a girl of few expressions and lacking in common sense. She pilots the heavy assault Knightmare Frame, Mordred. Anya appears uninterested in the world around her, and appears to have little motivation where anything other than combat is concerned.

Aira Cosplay as Code Geass Character Gallery

Aira seems great on this cosplay photo and yea she even not wearing any complex cosplay costume, i mean her cosplay costume seems less detailer than Anya's costume on the anime, but thats close enough with the real one :D beside that Aira's beauty can make any cosplay costume looks great when she wear that (at least for me xD), i think i kinda love her pose on the first Cosplay photo she looks like being day dreaming and she was thinking about someone (i bet that was me :D), another thing i love from this Aira cosplay photo is Aira hair thats short pink hair seems fit with aira ~love that, but i think its better she not wearing a gloves that's glove bit disturbing me xD, well i got this Aira Cosplay Photo from Cosrain, i always love to see Aira Cosplay photo and wish i can see her cosplaying as my favorites MMO game character such as Vindictus or C9, i just wondering how she will look like when she cosplaying as Evie character from vindictus :D.


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