Again, we got another great Midori Kanda Cosplay photo here, but now shes not cosing as anime character its called original character wich mean shes cosing as her own character (am i right? o.o") well whatever, she certainly looks very pretty in this Midori Kanda Cosplay photo, basicly shes already very pretty but on this cosplay photo she looks 5x prettier than usual (at least for me), i think the that because this Midori Kanda Cosplay photo has nice contrast, the ligting and white shade look very match with Midori Cosplay costume color and her makeup.

Midori Kanda Cosplay : Original Character Gallery

This Midori Kanda Cosplay photo looks so soft and neat, not too much makeup she just have thin makeup, but the bold eyelines touch make her eyes looks biger and prettier(she has beautiful eyes) and I never noticed the color of her eyes before, but I just realized that Midori Kanda looks very pretty with that brown eyes :O, beside that she always looks sweet with her black hair, long ears on her Cosplay costume was reminds me of a Pockemen ^^ she looks cute on it, well this cosplay photo already on my collection for long time, so i already forgot from where i got this Midori Kanda Cosplay, sorry for not including source of this cosplay photo, its sweet Midori Kanda Cosplay photo.


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