Another Cute Neneko Cosplay as Cute nurse from Sonicomi (can i call her as a Nurse xD) but because on this Neneko Cosplay she wealding or playing guitar so im pretty sure Super Sonico is a guitaris at night and nurse at the day ^^", actually i dont know about this Sonicomi but i think this is a eroge or visual novel (sorry if i was wrong), well actually i dont care about what Sonicomi is, all i know is Neneko looks so kawaii and hawt on this Neneko Cosplay photo, i think i'll get reason to get sick everydays if all nurse at my town like this.

Neneko Cosplay Photo as Super Sonico Gallery

OMG! ~nosebleeding~ my nose would not stop bleeding xD just kidding =), yea i dont know why but sanji (one piece character) always nosebleeding when he saw smexy girl and i bet he will need hospital and will need a lot of blood donors if he see this Neneko Cosplay photo ^^", hawt nurse uniform, pinky hair and stuff plus guitar are good reasons for guy to get nose bleeding ^^, well enough about nosebleed topic, i love this Neneko Cosplay photo not just because she looks so hawt and cute on this photo but this Neneko Cosplay photo is nice to see, its so neat clean and can really show us whos Super Sonico is, well i got this Neneko Cosplay photo from her facebook page, its sweet, cute and hawt Super Sonico cosplay by Neneko, actually i got another Super Sonico cosplay Misa's Version, i'll post that next time :D.


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