More sweet Nami Cosplay photo with long hair after two years timeskip, she was the best navigator in the world, in fact she is much better than the existing modern navigation system today. so if you have Nami as your navigator, make sure you dispose your GPS or other navigational tools, because you won't need it anymore, because she is more proficient using a log post ^^".

I think we all agree that this is irresistible Nami Cosplay photo. she has beautiful eyes with long wavy orange blonde hair, coupled with her ​​sweet smile, there will be no one who can resist her...umm... nevermind, Her smile was blocked by an orange, wait, is she wants to eat that orange without a peeled first. Namiiii SwaaannnN! I will peel it for you *sanji. 

I still do not know the name of the Cosplayer behind this picture, sorry did not put her name here


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