Still remember with this cosplayer, she previously cosplaying as Cana Alberona characters from the Fairy Tail anime series, the advantages of Diacita is she always looks hot with any Cosplay Costume, and she also always choose the right character for her cosplay, as well on this Hot Neliel Cosplay photo, in this picture she cosplaying the protagonist character of Bleach anime series, Neliel.


Neliel tu Oderschavank Arancar No.3 in Blach anime, she is a very powerful subordinate of Aizen, the first time she came up with the figure of a cute little girl but originally she has a very sexy body like that we see in this Hot Neliel Cosplay.

I always imagined Neliel has Asian face, so viewed from any angle Diacita face is not similar to Neliel's in my mind (this is only my personal opinion ^^), but if we are talking about her body, I think Diacita looks so perfect as Neliel, well...I got this picture from Diacita DeviantArt page. you can see more of her Hot Neliel Cosplay there.


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