A lovely Lucy Heartfilia Cosplay photo by China cosplayer, Miya,  in her previously cosplay photo she cosplaying as Aries, one of Lucy's Zodiac spirit who is very shy, insecure and full of softness (you know what I mean), for those who don't know about Lucy Heartfilia, Lucy is main female protagonist character in Fairy Tail Anime series, she is calestial wizard who uses her spirit key to call the spirits to help her in fight.

                                                 Miya WorldCosplay

In this Lucy Heartfilia Cosplay she was wearing a cloth that given by Virgo (one of her spirit) from spirit world, and clothes given by her always has a cute design or not normal to wear everyday ^^, such as Miya used on this cosplay photo, oh yes .. . you must see these Aries Cosplay Pictures by her, because for me Miya looks more and very suitable as an Aries, she has everything needed to be her.


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