This Asuka Langley Cosplay is very pretty with a touch of soft blue light, it all makes this picture look very beautiful and alive. Asuka is my favorite character in Evangelion, she was a pilot who is very confident and tend to always want to fight alone, although sometimes because of her selfishness she harm other people, thank to the cosplayers who make my favorite character really live here.

Asuka Langley Soryu has a mix of Japanese and German blood, though the cosplayer in this picture does not look to have the face of Europe, but she still looks perfect. she has a very cute moe  face and she also has a same eye as Asuka in anime, The background of this Asuka Langley Cosplay filled with glass that can display a futuristic world in Evangelion, until now I did not know the name of the Cosplayer who is in this picture, but I'm not going to stop find out.

Cosplyar name is Bell, shes Hongkong Cosplyer.


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