Saya Cosplay Photography as Lelouch Lamperouge Gallery

Well its sweet Code Geass Cosplay by my dear Saya, i really miss her >.<. in this Code Geass Cosplay Photography Saya Cosplay as the main character from Code Geass Anime, his name is Lelouch Lamperouge. well in this Saya Cosplay, she was made female version of Lelouch Lamperouge, she was made completely different Lelouch Lamperouge here, although she cosplaying as Male character but in this Saya Cosplay she looks so beautiful with that white wedding dress, she look so pure and beautiful, beside that the angle shoot of this Saya Cosplay photography can really show beauty of Saya, really love that, well i got this Saya Cosplay Photography from, its sweet Saya photo.


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